Which Chicago Bears players laid duds in Week 14 vs Packers?

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The Chicago Bears fell to 4-9 on the season after their loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football. After a surprisingly great first half of football, the Bears did not make the necessary adjustments at halftime in order to stay in the game, and they came back down to earth for the rest of the game. While there were a few good performances by a few players, most of the efforts were lackluster once again, especially in the second half.

The Chicago Bears fell apart in the second half after a great first-half effort.

Chicago Bears Week 14 Dud No. 1: Matt Nagy

Another week, another dud laid by our head coach, Mr. Matt Nagy. What aggravates me is when I see a few surprises here and there where I tell myself that maybe he is catching on and learning. Then we see Jimmy Graham as a blocker and all hope is deleted.  It really makes me wonder what they do during the week when preparing for this game, or any game for that matter.

As mentioned on the NBCS Chicago Football Aftershow, they obviously had no game plan for having Teven Jenkins as the left tackle. You would think that they would be prepared in case their 40-year-old left tackle got hurt. No, they throw Teven Jenkins in there, and on his first play he gets walked back to the quarterback.

Obviously, not all of it is on Matt Nagy, but he is the one making the personnel decisions. Using Jimmy Graham as a chip blocker to “help” Jenkins is so irresponsible of an NFL head coach. With guys like Jesse James and J.P. Holtz who specialize in blocking, you would expect to see one of them in that spot. No, Nagy has other plans. It is these little things that he does and then says, “We have to figure out the why.”

While Matt LaFleur went into halftime knowing they needed to adjust since the Bears were getting whatever they wanted on the Packers’ defense, Matt Nagy was having fun watching a glimpse of what the Bears could be for a few minutes.

This was never going to be an easy win, but it was always a winnable game. If Nagy committed to running the football more to help out the offensive line and put Fields in a position to make easy throws then they could have stayed competitive in the second half. Instead, it was clear no adjustments were made, and the team got squashed 24 to 3 in the second half.

Nagy is now 0-4 at Lambeau Field after another terrible loss to Aaron Rodgers and company. He clearly does not know how to adapt a game plan to try and win a football game, and it has come to a time where we have run out of excuses. I am sure he is a great guy, but after a coaching effort like we saw last night, there really is no argument to keep him as part of this team.