Chicago Bears Stock Report: Week 15 update on potential head coaches

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Chicago Bears Head Coach Candidate: Sean Payton – Stock Neutral

Last Week: Stock Neutral

This is another one I’m not going to spend too much time updating. Sean Payton is in a tough spot right now with the New Orleans Saints. The team just won handily over the New York Jets in Week 14, but even a 30-9 victory over the Jets isn’t too impressive.

Right now, the Saints are going through a bit of a remodel. The quarterback position is in flux and the team is not likely to make the playoffs. None of that should make anyone think poorly of Sean Payton though. I’m keeping his stock at neutral though since we have yet to hear any substantiated rumors he’d consider leaving New Orleans. As I said last week…

If that happens, then of course the Chicago Bears need to be all-in on getting Payton. The problem here is that it would not come cheap. You may not recall or know this because it has been so rare lately, but NFL coaches can and have been traded within the league. Check last week’s article for more detailed trade information.

The question is, can the Chicago Bears find a way to get Sean Payton? Would Ryan Pace be the mastermind in the move and would you be okay with him staying on board if Payton were to switch teams and move north? It’s a dream, but it’s also an interesting thought.