Chicago Bears Stock Report: Week 15 update on potential head coaches

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Chicago Bears Head Coach Candidate: Byron Leftwich – Stock Up Again

Last Week: Stock Up

Many people are still down on Byron Leftwich. Honestly, I am coming around more and more to the idea that he has the ability to be the real deal. I really like how Leftwich calls the game most of the time. He is very balanced and that showed again versus the Bills in Week 14 with 46 passing attempts (went for 363 yards and two touchdowns) and 23 called rushes for 121 yards and two touchdowns.

What is interesting about the idea of bringing Byron Leftwich into Chicago is you’d have to think that the Chicago Bears would have a leg up on bringing in Chris Godwin via free agency. How about that, though? Justin Fields, Chris Godwin, Darnell Mooney and Byron Leftwich here in Chicago on this offense sounds like a great recipe for success. Would you feel better about Leftwich as the HC if you knew Godwin — a player who would step in knowing the offense — comes with him?

I know that everyone is still concerned about the idea that the success we have seen by Leftwich is more to do with Bruce Arians and Tom Brady. That may be partially true, but again, I really like his play calling. He is fully in charge of the Tampa Bay offense and well, it is a breath of fresh air compared to what we see here on the regular under Matt Nagy. The Bears missed out on Arians once, can they make up for it by signing his protege?