Chicago Bears Stock Report: Week 15 update on potential head coaches

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Chicago Bears Head Coach Candidate: Eric Bieniemy – Stock Neutral

Last Week: Stock Neutral

The Chiefs were dominant in Week 14 as they slaughtered the Las Vegas Raiders both on offense and defense. The defense actually scored the opening seven points. The defense was suffocating throughout most of the game. Eric Bienemy doesn’t get credit for that though.

Watching the Chiefs offense and you have to sit back and wonder if the Chicago Bears could trust bringing in Bieniemy to replace Matt Nagy. Although both of them should be judged separately, I just don’t think I could trust another Kansas City offensive coordinator. Playcalling aside, Andy Reid’s ability to oversee everything and keep his team disciplined sets him apart as one of the top coaches to ever coach in the NFL. I just don’t think Eric Bieniemy can repeat that elsewhere.

Last week I wrote:

Although not in my top five, I’d be interested to see how Eric Bieniemy does with this roster instead of Matt Nagy. It would make the perfect experiment to see how much Andy Reid influences the outcomes.

Although it would be fun to see that experiment played out, what was I thinking? We cannot allow the Chicago Bears to risk the future just to see if all of Andy Reid’s offensive coordinators will fail or if Bieniemy makes Matt Nagy look even worse. He is far from making my shortlist.

Note, I am ignoring the outcome of the Thursday night game for this article and will take that into account more in next week’s article. The goal was to have this done for Wednesday, but a sick child, a lip that was split open during in-house gymnastics and multiple doctor visits delayed me this week.