Chicago Bears Stock Report: Week 15 update on potential head coaches

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Chicago Bears Head Coach Candidate: Josh McDaniels – Stock Neutral

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Two weeks ago was an interesting game for the New England Patriots. The team came away with a win but did so while Mac Jones only threw the ball three times. Was this offensive genius by Josh McDaniels or was there any help from others? The game was horrible from a weather perspective but McDaniels and the Patriots were able to gameplan in such a way that it allowed them to not only hang around versus the Bills but also beat them.

Josh McDaniels and the Patriots had their bye week in Week 14. Therefore, nothing has really changed regarding him as a head coaching candidate. McDaniels is someone I have never been fond of. I thought he looked like a fool during his time in Denver and I find it troubling what he did to the Indianapolis Colts in 2018. I think the Colts feel just fine with their hire of Frank Reich and honestly, Reich was probably a better choice at the time anyway.

When we look at McDaniels, I find him to be in a very similar situation as Eric Bieniemy. That said, I do think that McDaniels has his hands in more of the Patriots’ offense than Bieniemy does in the Chiefs’ offense. When we look at these two teams, both are led by top coaches in NFL history and those coaches have a big impact on their team as a whole. Like Bieniemy, I have a hard time believing McDaniels will succeed on his own. That said, I would trust McDaniels over Bieniemy.