Chicago Bears: 3 Reasons why Justin Fields is head coach-proof

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Reason No. 2: Justin Fields has an obvious chip on his shoulder

This might be an insight into my potential Justin Fields bias, but whenever Justin Fields succeeds, it seems like he does so with a vengeance.

Being drafted at No. 11 might not have been a public story of a disappointment for Justin Fields, but I’d argue that he would’ve expected to go higher. Along with that, Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence have battled against each other for years. The spotlight being on these two quarterbacks is no new narrative for Justin Fields to live within.

While oftentimes being compared to the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft— while also being the fourth quarterback drafted in the said draft— would seemingly put a chip on most shoulders.

Considering Justin Fields’ previously mentioned mentality, the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

With that, not even the incompetencies of Matt Nagy can cause Justin Fields to care any less about the sport Fields has committed so much time and effort into. And if behind closed doors, Fields has the Lawrence vs. Fields battle playing over and over, it won’t matter to him who follows Nagy as the next Chicago Bears coach.

Two reasons down, one to go. What could it be?