Should Chicago Bears steal their next coach from Packers?

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The Chicago Bears are now a week away from the time in which they can start interviewing both GM and head coach candidates. One interesting name that has garnered some attention in recent weeks is Nathaniel Hackett.

Hackett is on the rising coaching candidates list. There have been 14 of the last 27 hires coming from this list, so if they are on it, they are worthy of consideration. What is it that makes Hackett interesting?

Why Chicago Bears should hire Nathanial Hackett

When Nathanial Hackett shows up, the quarterback play improves. You can say that is easy when Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback, but even Rodgers saw a bump with Hackett. Two years prior to Hackett being the OC, Rodgers had passer ratings of 97. In the past two seasons, Rodgers is at 121 and 110. He is much improved.

This goes beyond Rodgers, though. Hackett took off when he was the OC at Syracuse. His skill as a coordinator helped get Ryan Nassib drafted much higher than he should have. Beyond that, he took a Blake Bortles led the offense to the AFC Championship as the OC of the Jags.

Working with Nassib and Bortles and making them competent shows that Rodger’s improvement is legitimately impacted by Hackett. This is an offensive mind that is worth interviewing.

Why Chicago Bears should pass on Nathaniel Hackett.

As great as Nassib and Bortles were in those brief periods, it is still hard to separate his last few years from Rodgers. Beyond that, there have to be questions about what kind of staff he can put together. His opportunity at Syracuse and Jacksonville have benefited him by knowing Doug Marrone.

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Marrone failed as an NFL coach and is now a college assistant. It is not like Hackett has a long Rolodex of NFL-ready coaches, and there has to be thought that he would bring Marrone with him, considering Marrone has NFL coach experience while Hackett does not.

He is a good offensive mind, but the rest would have to stand out in the interviews.