Chicago Bears should appreciate this over final games

Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

There is not much to get excited about over the next three games for Chicago Bears fans. However, Akiem Hicks is going to give fans a reason to watch. The long-time Bears lineman seems to know that his time in Chicago is coming to end, and he had a special performance on Monday Night Football, almost to show his appreciation for the fans and the city. Over the next three games, fans should be giving that love back.

There were plenty of rumors that this would be the last season for Hicks in Chicago, but after the loss last night, he all but said the words himself.

It is sad that with three games to go, he knows his fate, but this is a 32 year old lineman with a long injury history and only a few more years in the NFL. He seems satisfied with whatever it is to come, and just wants to go out playing his way.

It was exciting to see Hicks return to the lineup after missing the past five games. His return was enjoyable as he created two sacks and added four quarterback hits to the ledger. Hicks always played his best against the division rival Vikings, and it was certainly an old school feel to his play on Sunday.

So, the Bears lost, they are 4-10 and they do not have much to give in the coming weeks. However, Hicks is healthy and even if it is somewhere else, he is playing for a big contract. More importantly, Hicks will play his final three games with the pride of wanting to leave Chicago fans with a great lasting memory of a long time fan favorite.

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The final three games should be about Chicago Bears fans appreciating the type of competition that Akiem Hicks is and what he brought to this franchise.