Matt Nagy is trending for all the wrong reasons after Chicago Bears loss

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears have been struggling all season long and things did not go any better for the team or Matt Nagy last night versus the Vikings. In a game that was filled with horrible play-calling, awful penalties and multiple mental mistakes, the Bears fell to 4-10 on the year and could realistically find themselves falling below the Lions in the NFC North standings before the season is over.

Right now, Matt Nagy is trending on social media, but he’s trending for all the wrong reasons. Let’s be honest, Nagy should be trending because there was an announcement that the Chicago Bears have moved on from the 2018 NFL Coach of the Year. This announcement has not come and to be honest I am not confident it will before the end of the season — despite the fact that the Bears should be making the announcement no later than after the Seahawks game this week.

Why? Well, there is now a competitive advantage to removing the head coach before the end of a season — something this franchise has never done in its 101-year existence. With the rule change passed by the NFL earlier this year, teams who have either removed their head coach or at least notified them that they will not be returning, are allowed to interview potential coaching candidates during the final two weeks of the regular season.

Matt Nagy, the Chicago Bears head coach, is trending for all the wrong reasons

Instead, here are some of the reasons why Matt Nagy is trending on social media:

Matt Nagy was on a roll last night with how he was screaming at the referees. To be honest, I liked what I saw from Nagy last night and wish we saw more of it not only on the field but in his press conferences and throughout practices each week. Too little too late.

This was a shot at the Urban Meyer situation. Honestly, I’m not a fan of this tweet. As bad as Matt Nagy has been, any comparison to Urban Meyer is plain wrong.

This here is hilarious and I cannot agree anymore with it. Way to go BetMGM, you win the internet for the day.

Another tweet I can agree with. Running the ball up the middle on 2nd and 18 and again on 2nd and 22 makes zero sense — especially when the team is down 17-3. These are the play calls that should have led to the announcement of Matt Nagy being fired today.

Another hilarious tweet. For me, I was glad it was a touchdown because I played Justin Fields in my fantasy football league. However, with how heated Matt Nagy was with the refs, maybe Mina Kimes is right in that he would have physically assaulted one of them last night (Not condoning physical assault by the way).

One last one about how Matt Nagy was angrier than ever last night. Have to love the poke at wearing the visor.

If you want to go through more of Twitter to see what people are saying, here is the link.

Next. NFL screws the Bears over again. dark

The point here is not that these are necessarily wrong reasons to be tweeting about Matt Nagy, but that the real reason Nagy should be trending right now is that he was fired. Nothing else matters, no matter how accurate or funny it may be. This team needs to make changes and there’s no reason to wait on them. Hopefully, the front office of Ted Phillips and George McCaskey get their acts together, fire both Nagy and Pace, bring in a football operations mind and start the rebuilding of the hierarchy now.