5 Chicago Bears who should be benched immediately

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The Chicago Bears should bench Allen Robinson

We have seen everything we need to see from Allen Robinson this season. It is sad how quickly the script has flipped. I was a proponent of Robinson and wanted the Chicago Bears to extend him, but and this is a big but, I thought he was only worth $16 to $18 million in AAV. Therefore, I guess technically I was not on board with extending him knowing he wanted $20-plus million.

You can tell that Robinson is playing it safe out there compared to how he has played the last three years in this offense. Robinson literally has one touchdown on the year, has a catch rate of less than 60% for the first time since 2018, and as always continues with separation.

What is very bothersome is that he has not been much of a team player. We have seen guys like Chris Godwin lay blocks downfield to help his team win, while Robinson runs lackadaisical routes and can’t put any effort into blocking. The thing is, he has been playing this way the whole time, but his elite play always overshadowed the details.

Unfortunately for Chris Godwin, he just tore his ACL and it seems in hindsight, Robinson probably believes he is right in his decision on how to play this year. Well, the Chicago Bears should make the decision even easier for him. Robinson should be benched the rest of the season and the team should elect to play Dazz Newsome more.