Which Chicago Bears players laid duds in Week 15 vs. Vikings?

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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The Chicago Bears have fallen to a 4-10 record after losing to the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football in front of the home crowd 17-9. The Bears beat themselves in what was one of the worst efforts of the season in terms of discipline and execution. There is a lot of blame to go around, and as usual, it starts with Matt Nagy.

The Chicago Bears showed who they really are against the Vikings.

Chicago Bears Week 15 Dud No. 1: Matt Nagy

For the second week in a row Matt Nagy has shown the incompetency that has plagued this team for the last three years. The same mistakes are being made weekly and yet there have been little to no adjustments made throughout the year. The game against the Vikings was another example of this.

Last we saw poor personnel management when Teven Jenkins was left on an island in pass protection during his first reps as an NFL player. There were questionable fourth-down calls last week, as well as this week. The famous fourth-and-one play that the Bears ran this week should immediately be put in a garbage can if that is how it is supposed to be executed. Having one throwable route on a fourth-down play is not ideal for a rookie quarterback, yet Nagy thought that would be the play to covert the first down.

He has his moments for sure. The challenge he had to reverse a Vikings’ first down to a fourth down was a smart one, but that is expected of NFL head coaches. The consistent lack of adjustments throughout the week as well as in the game is bewildering. How does a guy who won Coach of the Year in 2018 become one of the worst coaches in the league? It is a sad story and during Monday’s game it all cultivated, and you could see it on everybody’s faces, including Nagy.

At this point, it is a run-out-the-clock situation with Matt Nagy. With the amount of personal foul penalties on this team during this game and how undisciplined the entire team looks as a whole you can only think this is the nail in the coffin for Nagy.