What should the Chicago Bears do with general manager Ryan Pace?

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Pro No. 2: Ryan Pace brought major change to Halas Hall

Ryan Pace truly hasn’t been gifted enough credit for the advancements of Halas Hall. Before Pace came in, the Bears infrastructure and overall facility itself were pathetic compared to the rest of the NFL. In just six years, Pace has built up Halas Hall to an incredible sight with impressive facilities. He additionally created multiple new positions for staff that enhance the team.

Most of the credit goes to Ted Phillips but as Adam Hoge says in his version of a Ryan Pace breakdown:

"“Phillips wrote the checks, but Pace’s vision will always be behind the new facilities whether he’s here or not. From extra practice fields, to the locker room, to the weight room, to recovery options, to virtual reality sessions, to player dining options, the Bears are now near the top of the league in resources/amenities available at Halas Hall.” – Adam Hoge"

As someone who used to go to training camp in Bourbonnais and then got to see Halas Hall first hand, it is incredible. The advancement of that facility that it can now host training camp just shows how incredible Pace has done at that.

Fans might say this isn’t important, but it really is important. Player development and free agent interest greatly increase when you have the support system and facility that Pace created.