What should the Chicago Bears do with general manager Ryan Pace?

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Con No. 2: Picking the Chicago Bears head coach has gone wrong for Ryan Pace

This picture alone is his biggest mistake. After 2018, this seemed like an amazing hire. Matt Nagy had just won Coach of the Year and the Bears looked like they created a dynasty. Instead, Nagy never improved. Teams got film on him and his flaws started to come out.

The once creative, energetic, and culture-driven coach became repetitive. We started hearing the same things every interview like “collaboration” and “everything’s on the table”. Instead, we got a coach who never truly knew what he was doing. Nagy rode the coattails of the Andy Reid-hype train all the way into the ground.

There are so many flaws I can talk about with Nagy. Here are just a few with not much explanation as that would be a huge article.

  • Cannot make adjustments mid-game
  • Horrendous game plans
  • Terrible route concepts (hitches)
  • Poor discipline amongst players
  • Lost his locker room
  • No trust from his players
  • Not playing to his players’ talents
    • trying to fit square pegs in round holes
  • Stubbornness to not change his scheme

The list goes on.

I can’t entirely blame Pace for this one. On the outside, the NFL teams were picking from the Reid coaching system and the recent offensive-minded coach from Reid was panning out (Doug Pederson). Nagy had a glowing recommendation from Reid and given the success of Alex Smith, who could blame Pace? Regardless, it was a major miss.