Chicago Bears fans need to calm down with the Nick Foles nonsense

Chicago Bears (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears just beat the Seattle Seahawks 25-24 today and it seems that all of Bears’ social media has lost their minds. Have we forgotten what this former MVP quarterback looked like for the vast majority of the season last year? Nothing, and I repeat, nothing that Nick Foles did today was spectacular, but now people are screaming that Nick Foles should have started the entire season and that Foles is better than both Andy Dalton and Justin Fields. I just can’t.

Why on earth are people overreacting to a performance that was nothing more than a mediocre game by a game-managing quarterback who cannot throw the ball deep with any accuracy at all? Literally, any throw that went over 20 yards looked absolutely awful.

However, now that the game is over and the team won, fans forgot just how bad the team was playing in the first half. With seven points on the board and down by 10, the offense looked pedestrian as always. It also didn’t help that they couldn’t punch it into the end zone from the two-yard line — turning the ball over on downs.

The Chicago Bears would not be better off with Nick Foles at quarterback

I also think that too many fans forget how bad this Seattle Seahawks team has been this season. Russell Wilson has not been the same since his finger injury that required surgery. Not to mention, the Seahawks’ secondary is without their two starting corners and the defense ranks 25th overall in Defensive DVOA and specifically 28th vs the pass. To think that Justin Fields or even Andy Dalton couldn’t have thrown for 250 yards and one touchdown in this game is laughable.

Now, all over social media, I am seeing fans say that Nick Foles is the best quarterback on the roster and that Foles should have started all season. I just cannot understand how quickly people forget. Nick Foles did nothing but take advantage of a bad team. In fact, I bet that Justin Fields would have done more and the game wouldn’t have been as close if he was healthy and under center.

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I’ll give Nick Foles credit for coming in and playing the way he did, but he is not and never will be more than a backup-level quarterback in this league. I don’t care about his Super Bowl MVP award either. He lacks the ability to extend plays, he lacks the ability to throw guys open, he lacks the consistency of throwing the ball downfield and fans need to stop the nonsense now.