3 reasons Chicago Bears win over Seahawks was meaningless

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /
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2. Chicago Bears have no draft pick

On one hand, this makes it at least bearable to see the team win. If the Bears win and that hurt their draft pick, it all of the sudden puts fans in a spot where they are not sure how to feel. For the Bears, the Giants have their draft pick so the only thing being impacted is their second-round choice.

It gives Bears fans a reason to root for the team, but also adds to how meaningless this game was. There was nothing on the line here. A loss would have been more devastating because the pick would have been better. Still, the win does little to nothing as well because of the lack of impact. Woo, the Giants pick a bit later.

Next week will be the weirdest, when the Giants realize that win or lose, in one manner they are seeing a draft pick increase value. Still, when you combine no young players performing, and no draft pick to follow, it is hard to feel anything about a win in late December.