Nick Foles admits criticism of Chicago Bears offense

Chicago Bears - Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears starter Nick Foles spoke to the media for the first time in months. With the new COVID protocols, media are unable to speak to just anyone, and not enough requests for a third-string quarterback were made to get Foles to talk during the season.

So, with Foles getting a chance to open up for the first time in months, he was asked a variety of questions that some reporters had been meaning to ask him.

One question regarded a moment in week three when Nick Foles was caught on camera telling Andy Dalton that the offense does not work.

The video made rounds back then but was forgotten about until he was asked about it last night.

It is funny that Foles admits that is of course what he was saying. It was what everyone thought he said, and as noted, everyone else was thinking it. The Bears’ offense has been bad, but nothing has been as bad as the loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Still, Foles was asked a follow-up question about what he thinks is not working, and whether his comment stood beyond that day. At that point, Foles said that was not his responsibility to say.

Foles is many things but he’s honest, and he knows his role. If he gets caught saying something he will admit he is saying it. However, he also knows that as a player who just won a game with his head coach, this was not the time to make headlines by throwing him under the bus. He laughed and admitted what happened, but kept it strictly business.

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