How Nick Foles performance could impact Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears won a rather meaningless game against the Seattle Seahawks. Without having to worry about their draft position it was nice to see the Bears win, but the status of Matt Nagy remains unchanged, and Justin Fields did not even play in this game, so there was little progression in his development.

Still, it was fun to celebrate a win knowing there was no downside to it. Beyond that, there may be a few small benefits to the game. Nick Foles did not set the world on fire, but he played well. He played Nick Foles typically does in that he is a backup who can make a few shot plays, but typically works on schedule.

You saw from his game-winning drive that he was able to keep his team in and find a way to win the game in the end. Foles is obviously not a starter, but throughout the broadcast, the announcers did joke that he was the best third-string quarterback in the NFL.

When you look around the league and see some of the quarterback situations you may tend to agree that while he dooms you for an entire season that for one or two games he could keep a team in it.

With that in mind, the Bears may have a potential asset that other teams are looking for. Other teams are realizing more than ever that they need a backup quarterback. COVID is just one thing added to injuries, concussions, and more that has seen far too many teams need depth at quarterback.

The Chicago Bears need depth at quarterback, but with Justin Fields, they should look for a backup that can move and that is not Foles. A GM and head coach who is here to specialize the skill of Fields will find a proper backup, but in the meantime, they could also try to unload Foles on someone.

When the last thing you remember from Foles is injury and being benched, he will not have an interest. When the last thing you remember is him leading a game-winning drive, the tone may change. The Bears do not need much in terms of assets because they can also clear his salary, which has been a bit of a burden since the move.

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This is a small consolation, but Foles and Andy Dalton proved that they are capable backups and that most teams would rather have them than their standard backup. The Bears could at least start digging out of their misery by getting something for these two.