Which Chicago Bears players were winners from Week 16 vs. Seahawks?

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The Chicago Bears came out of their trip to Seattle with a big win against the Seahawks. They won 25-24 on a gutsy go-ahead two-point conversion attempt in the final two minutes. It was a risky call from Matt Nagy but it worked out when Damiere Byrd made a spectacular catch to covert. It was a gritty effort and not a pretty game, but some players stepped up in a big way to get the win in the snow.

The Chicago Bears offense did enough to stay in it when it looked out of reach

Chicago Bears Week 16 Winner No. 1: Nick Foles

While it was not a perfect game from Nick Foles, he showed once again that when called upon at the last minute he always delivers. There is something about this guy and being thrown into the spotlight. He just comes alive in these moments and delivers. While he might not be a starting quarterback in this league, he still might be the best backup to have because of his clutch factor.

He finished this one with 250 yards and a touchdown on 24/35 passing. He also did not turn the ball over which has been a thorn in the side for the Chicago Bears offense this season. His veteran savvy and ability to take what the defense gives him helped the Bears to pick apart the Seattle defense when it mattered.

There were some questionable decisions through this game that stalled the offense for a bit, but he delivered when it mattered. How many times did the Seahawks let Montgomery get the ball out of the backfield in the middle of the field and then run for the first down? Foles was just picking apart the middle of the defense with Montgomery and Mooney late in the game because the Seahawks were giving him that. He did not try to force the ball deep which helped limit turnovers.

Obviously, this offensive line is not built to protect a quarterback like Foles, as seen by the four times he was brought down yesterday. Still, he was able to stand in there and deliver some big throws knowing he was going to get hit.

Justin Fields should study the film from this game and watch how Foles makes his reads based on what the defense is doing. There is a lot to learn for a young quarterback by watching a guy like Foles play. It is not always pretty, but there is something to be said about delivering when it matters. Nick Foles did his job well in this start, making him a winner for this week.