Which Chicago Bears laid duds vs. the Seahawks?

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The Chicago Bears were able to come away from Seattle with a big win over the Seahawks to improve to 5-10, but there were some poor performances that should be noted. It was a weird game, to say the least, and some players just flat out struggled throughout the entire contest.

The Chicago Bears did a poor job winning the line of scrimmage on both sides

Chicago Bears Week 16 Dud No. 1: Matt Nagy Haters

While this week did not save the job of the beloved head coach, Matt Nagy did show some grit and toughness that he flashes once in a while. He made the right calls when it mattered and deserves credit. With that said, there seems to be dwindling hope that he gets the boot over the next two games.

The Chicago Bears have never fired a coach during the middle of a season. Even though there have been multiple reports that Nagy was due to be fired in the middle of a week, here he stands calling for a two-point conversion that could win the game for the Bears while down one in Seattle. With a game like this, a big win missing some of the best players, it does not seem like the team is going to part with Nagy until the offseason.

Maybe that is for the best, but Nagy haters have been calling for his head all year, as have I. He should have been fired once things started to get ugly in the middle of the season, and now it would almost be pointless to fire him with two games left. With this win, it almost sets in place the fact that he will be the coach for the last couple of weeks.

Matt Nagy has been criticized more than most coaches this year so when he does well, he should get praised. He had himself a nice game coaching-wise against the Seahawks. While that does not make him a “dud” for this week, those fans that were hoping he would be gone on Monday morning come out of the week as “losers” because most likely Nagy will finish out the year.