Who is making decisions for Chicago Bears?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have yet to make a decision on head coach Matt Nagy, although all signs point to the team moving on at the end of the season. One reason fans point to as to why they have not done this is that they have never fired a coach during the season. However, as Pro Football Talk suggests, it may go to the idea that they are not sure who exactly would do that firing, and what would come next.

Below is a quote on why the Bears are not taking advantage of a two-week window to interview head coaches.

"The easiest answer could be that the Bears are planning to make even more sweeping changes, with perhaps a new G.M. and a new team president. If the people who will be picking a new coach will be gone, there’s no reason to get a head start on looking for a new coach."

This should be clear that owner George McCaskey has no idea what he is doing right now. If Nagy were to be fired, it would be Ryan Pace doing the firing. Then, Pace would arguably be conducting the Zoom interviews this week. This would be a huge mistake, and McCaskey knows it. Moreso, he knows it will cause a backlash.

McCaskey knows he has to fire Pace before Nagy, but who is going to do that, Ted Phillips? Then, who helps him hire the GM, who would then hire the new coach? Is he relying on Phillips for both?

As noted reports are that Phillips is likely out, if not just moving to the business side of the operation. So, the question starts with who fires Phillips, and who replaces Phillips? That person will have to decide on the General Manager and eventually the head coach.

Until any decision is made on Phillips, the Chicago Bears are in a complete standstill. McCaskey appears to be doing his friend a favor by playing this out for the end of the year but there truly is no reason to not tell Phillips that his role will change and at least get a start on finding a new football operations president of some sort.

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The reality is that Matt Nagy is becoming the sympathetic character somehow and coaching candidates may be realizing that they are set up to fail with a flimsy owner who cannot make the tough decisions when it comes to his friends.