2 Chicago Bears playing in final home game

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /
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As the Chicago Bears get set to take the field at home for one last time in the 2021 season, the feeling of closure feels stronger this year than ever before. We know the Bears will have a new coach, likely have a new General Manager, and with both, will have plenty of new personnel.

While the end did not go well, the 2018 Bears team was very fun, and it gave us some prime performances from 2018-2020. With that in mind, it will be disappointing to see that some big-name members of those teams are likely moving on.

2. Allen Robinson

Fans are over the Allen Robinson saga and at this point, both sides need a clean break. Still, Robinson is locked into the top 15 in receiving in Bears history and would have easily been top 10 with a halfway decent 2021. That is how strong he was from 2018-2020.

Still, the team has been unable to get a quarterback for him, and after 2020 Robinson wanted long-term security. However, he is just on the cusp where he should not be paid like the elite but would feel disrespected to take much less. It was tough to negotiate with Robinson and the 2021 franchise tag season ensured that he will not be back.

Robinson played 2021 like he was worried about his future. This is fair but tainted his legacy In the eyes of some. Still, with one last game at Soldier Field, Bears fans should give Robinson a nice send-off for three strong seasons.