The Chicago Bears fill multiple holes in this 2022 seven-round mock draft

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Chicago Bears, Henry To'o To'o
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Chicago Bears Third-Round Pick: Henry To’o To’o, ILB – Alabama

The Bears and Ryan Pace have done an extremely poor job of trying to pair Roquan Smith up next to a player even relatively close to his caliber. Roquan has only really played next to a good linebacker once in his career and it was as a rookie because Danny Trevathan has either not been healthy enough to produce or simply hasn’t been producing when he is on the field. Drafting To’o To’o would be a long-term solution to that production the Bears have been lacking since 2019.

To’o To’o for the most part takes reps at the MIKE linebacker spot for that Crimson Tide defense but in my opinion, would be best off taking the WILL role on the Chicago Bears defense. He’d be taking on a role similar to what Roquan Smtih did back in his rookie season in 2018.

To’o To’o would be allowed to showcase his athletic ability with his exceptional sideline to sideline tackling as well as being able to show off his great coverage skills. Something the Bears have had trouble with in recent memory — especially with covering tight ends. When plugging in To’o To’o to the Bears defense he would seamlessly fit in with his coverage skills and athletic ability, also To’o To’o has already played on a high-level defense with Alabama so he knows what it takes to be an elite defense.