Is Jim Harbaugh using Chicago Bears as leverage?

Parker Hurley
Chicago Bears - Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch
Chicago Bears - Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch /

There have recently been reports that the Chicago Bears have interest in head coach Jim Harbaugh, and after his best season at Michigan, Harbaugh may be reciprocating the interest. The reality is that for Michigan, where he got them is as far as that program can go in today’s day and age. After he hit a peak with the Blue up north, will he come down Chicago, the same way his playing career went?

While the reports mention the Chicago Bears there are two other angles to this.

Is Jim Harbaugh more interested in the Raiders job?

The first is that while Chicago is mentioned in the report of Harbaugh returning to the NFL, the Raiders were the first team mentioned. Bruce Feldman noted that Harbaugh likes Derek Carr, and the two know each other.

He adds that Mark Davis and Harbaugh have a relationship and Harbaugh started his coaching career working for the Raiders. Beyond that, the glamor of Las Vegas, and the money that the Raiders brass will throw around is convincing.

It makes the report that Chicago has the interest to look like a bargaining chip. If Harbaugh is a great fit for Vegas and Vegas wants Harbaugh, what is stopping them? The Bears’ interest in Harbaugh now creates a bidding war that makes it even more understandable for Michigan fans to see him leave. Without Chicago, Las Vegas may not dive as deep.

Did Jim Harbaugh use Chicago Bears to get a new deal at Michigan?

There is one report, and while the Athletic is a legitimate source, they also are saying that there is just interest and not that Harbaugh is likely to make a move. Harbaugh will mull his options over, and ultimately he could wind up back at Michigan.

Folks have to remember around a year ago that Harbaugh was on the hot seat at Michigan. He restructured his deal that worked for both parties and extended his stay. In his first year on an extended stay, he gave Michigan their best season in decades. While Michigan thanks him for that, Harbaugh now feels warranted for an extension with more money and security.

Michigan went from considering firing him to worrying about losing him to the NFL. With that in mind, it may be time to pay back up, and Harbaugh knows it.

Nobody is saying that Jim Harbaugh will not coach the Chicago Bears. In fact, they appear to be firmly in the mix as one of three potential options for the former 49ers head coach. However, before getting so excited you have to remember that there are three options here.

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He could prefer where the Raiders are, he could feel safe at Michigan and use these rumors to spur a new deal, but he could certainly also be interested in becoming the Chicago Bears’ next head coach.