Chicago Bears: This plan could convince the Saints to trade Sean Payton

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Sean Payton
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As the 2021 season comes to a close, the Chicago Bears need to make the best possible decision on a new head coach. It seems obvious that their number one choice would be Sean Payton if, in fact, he is available to them. Based on available information, Sean Payton signed a five-year extension in 2019, meaning he’s signed with the Saints through 2024.

Furthermore, rumors indicate that he would be interested in the Chicago Bears head coaching job. This makes sense as the Bears have a potential franchise quarterback in Justin Fields. The Saints on the other hand have a question mark albeit a talented question mark at quarterback in Jameis Winston.

The Chicago Bears should do everything in their power to land Sean Payton

Here is a plan to convince the Saints to trade Sean Payton to the Bears this offseason. The key to the plan is to make trades with the Saints that take care of their monster salary cap problem. The Saints as of now will be 62.5 million dollars over the 2022 NFL salary cap.

This plan is an unorthodox one but it could work. Most if not all of these proposed trades would be contingent on the Saints trading Payton to the Chicago Bears. The Bears will likely have to restructure some contracts to make this all fit into their 2022 cap. However, it all seems worth it if they can land one of the best head coaches in the NFL who is extremely qualified to get the most out of Justin Fields.