Chicago Bears: This plan could convince the Saints to trade Sean Payton

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Sean Payton
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The Chicago Bears and Saints would have the biggest trade in NFL history

Here are my suggested trades to use to pry him away from the Saints. The first suggested trade put forth which includes Sean Payton is really more of the groundwork for a trade.

The key here is that the trade is agreed upon, but doesn’t fully take place until June 1, 2022, to help with the salary cap on both sides. The Marshon Lattimore for a 2023 third-round pick trade will need to take place prior to June 1 for this work correctly. Whereas, the Ryan Ramczyk and Michael Thomas trades would need to go into effect post-June 1. Then obviously, the Sean Payton trade would need to happen before the draft.

If the Chicago Bears can create a wide receiver duo of Micheal Thomas and Darnell Mooney along with a cornerback duo of Jaylon Johnson and Marshon Lattimore that would be something special. With these additions, I do not believe the Bears would have one weak position group on the entire team.

Here is another possible trade and how it could work for the salary cap, Sean Payton approves and Doug Pederson is the Saints’ next head coach. It’s essentially the same trade, but with one key difference.

The Chicago Bears are projected to have $44 million in salary-cap space without any other moves. With a few cuts, the team can come away with over $50 million in salary cap to use on this trade — all while helping the Saints get back to zero.