Reasons why the Chicago Bears should keep Ryan Pace

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Ryan Pace deserves a mulligan for hiring Matt Nagy as the Chicago Bears HC

Ernie Accorsi recommended to the Bears that they hire Ryan Pace as general manager and John Fox as Head Coach. The failure of Fox as the Bears head coach is not on Pace. However, the hiring of Matt Nagy is on Pace. Lastly, here is why I give Pace a mulligan on the Matt Nagy hire.

Matt Nagy is a good guy, a likable guy, and a good communicator. Given all this, I am quite certain that Matt Nagy talked a great game in his interviews. Anyone who knows about the ins and outs of hiring knows that some candidates can talk a real good game but cannot deliver the goods as promised. Nagy is this guy so I give Pace a mulligan in making this mistake early in his general manager career.

This is a trap that many experienced hiring managers have made. It is always risky when you hire someone into a management job that catapults them into new more profound management responsibilities than they had before. Absolutely, every job with new and different responsibilities has a learning curve. Organizations are hierarchical so the higher up you are on the food chain the deeper and wider are the ramifications of decisions that get made. The more responsibility the job has the steeper will, typically, be the learning curve.