These five coaches should be on the Chicago Bears head coach shortlist

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Greg Roman deserves a shot as head coach of the Chicago Bears

I know what you are thinking. Rob, how can you have Greg Roman in your top five when the Ravens missed the playoffs due to a six-game losing streak to end the season? Well for starters, Roman only had starting quarterback, Lamar Jackson, available for one of the six games. Prior to losing Jackson, the team was 8-5 on the year. Had they won any of their last five games, they would have made the playoffs. Instead, they lost them all.

In their last matchup, they faced the Pittsburgh Steelers. The winner of that game would advance unless the Raiders and Chargers tied (which nearly happened). The Steelers came away victorious and the Ravens are watching the playoffs from their sofas.

Why on earth would I want him as the next Chicago Bears head coach then? Well, for starters, he has succeeded nearly everywhere he has been as an offensive coordinator. Roman has worked with rushing quarterbacks throughout his career. He did a superb job with Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco. He then had similar results while coaching Tyrod Taylor. Finally, we have seen him work wonders with Lamar Jackson also.

Roman has had nine years’ worth of experience as an offensive coordinator. In 2019, the Ravens ranked second in yards and first in points. Last year they were seventh in points. His offenses are not the best in yardage usually, but outside of the 2014 season in San Francisco and this season without Lamar Jackson for major portions of the year, his offense has been 12th or better in points. Chicago Bears fans would love to see an offense work with this type of efficiency.