These five coaches should be on the Chicago Bears head coach shortlist

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Jim Harbaugh is my top choice as the next head coach of the Chicago Bears

This would be my favorite outcome. The problem is, I don’t see Bill Polian and George McCaskey even interviewing Harbaugh. Now there are reports that Harbaugh is likely to remain in Michigan and the fact he entertained the idea of going back to the NFL was just a negotiation ploy to earn an extension from UM.

I don’t blame him for doing something like that, but I was hopeful to see him return to the NFL and report to what I’ve read is one of his dream jobs — the head coach of the Chicago Bears. Many have said this job is a “legacy job.” I don’t honestly agree as I feel that is outdated, but the fact that Chicago is the third-largest market, a huge football city and it only takes one Super Bowl victory to enshrine you into the fans’ Hall of Fame here (see the ridiculous notion that Mike Ditka is actually a good head coach) and I can see the appeal.

What I love about the idea of Harbaugh is he too would be a CEO-type of head coach. He has great connections and would build a fantastic staff. In fact, recently released head coach of the Denver Broncos and former Bears defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio would likely join forces with him again. They were a great pairing while in San Francisco.

Although a pipe dream, Harbaugh would easily be my top choice (outside of Sean Payton) if truly available. The fact that he would buck the trend and not just follow the team’s mild-mannered, toe-the-company-line approach is also very appealing to me.