Who are the Chicago Bears interviewing for head coach? (live updates)

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Bill Polian
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The hunt is on for a new head coach and general manager. Bill Polian seems to be pulling the strings up at Halas Hall. That at least makes me feel better than the idea of George McCaskey and Ted Phillips calling the shots. The problem is, we saw something similar with Ernie Arccasi in the past when the team consulted him and ended up hiring Ryan Pace. We saw how that worked out.

Bill Polian has a great history of success when hiring coaches though. He hired coaches like Marv Levy, Dom Capers, Tony Dungy and Jim Caldwell. He knows everyone and despite his age and stupid comments such as Lamar Jackson is too small to be a quarterback and must be a wide receiver, he is a great choice to help bring in the next general manager and head coach for the Chicago Bears.

Bill Polian will be the driving force of the head coach search of the Chicago Bears

The search is heating up as the Chicago Bears have requested to interview the following people to be the next head coach of this team:

Brian Daboll, Offensive Coordinator – Buffalo Bills

The Chicago Bears will be interviewing one of my top-five candidates in Brian Daboll. He is currently number two on my shortlist behind only Jim Harbaugh (and Sean Payton). This would be a great pairing for Justin Fields in my opinion. Fields is more of a pocket quarterback than people like to admit, but he also knows how to use his legs. This should be a no-brainer pairing.

Byron Leftwich, Offensive Coordinator – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Byron Leftwich is a notable mention of mine. He has been on and off my top-five list multiple times this season. We have to try and separate Leftwich from Bruce Arians and Tom Brady. He had great success on offense with one year of Jameis Winston to help with that. I would have no problem with Leftwich as the next Chicago Bears head coach.

Todd Bowles, Defensive Coordinator – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On the flip side of the ball, we have Todd Bowles in Tampa Bay. Bowles is a prior head coach of the New York Jets and has been one of the best defensive coordinators in the league. Although he did not have success with the Jets, it is possible that could be a different story here with a strong offensive coordinator hire here in Chicago. Bowles isn’t on my shortlist, but he is a notable mention.

Who else have the Chicago Bears requested interviews with? This is a long list as it continues next.