Chicago Bears: A look at Doug Pederson, would he fit as the next HC?

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Chicago Bears, Doug Pederson
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Doug Pederson, Super Bowl champion and former head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, was recently brought in for an interview by the Chicago Bears for their vacant head coaching spot. Pederson was one of the first names to hit the news as one of the candidates being interviewed for the head coaching job in Chicago. To truly understand what Doug Pederson brings to the table as a coach we have to recap why he was fired, why he found success, and how he fits with the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears HC Candidate: Why did Doug Pederson get fired?

Although Doug Pederson’s seat was starting to get warm after a disappointing 2020 season, his firing came as a surprise to many. The consensus was that Pederson had bought himself at least another year with all the success he had before 2020.

The most logical reasoning for Pederson’s firing was because of conflicting views with the general manager about Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts. Or because he had lost the locker room after he put in Nate Sudfield and rested the starters after just one half against the Washington Football team in Week 17. Although we may not know the true answer to why Pederson’s tenure in Philadelphia ended, these are some of the most logical guesses.