Four players the Chicago Bears must cut immedietaly

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The Chicago Bears will need to consider cutting Nick Foles

This one is a little more complicated. Nick Foles looked awful in Matt Nagy’s system. He clearly hates the play-calling as evidenced by his sideline banter and facial expressions. That said, having a new system in place and a solid backup quarterback is very important. This is especially true after seeing Justin Fields injured on multiple occasions this year.

Nick Foles is scheduled to make $10.6 million in 2022. Although that is a pretty high number for a backup quarterback, having Justin Fields on his rookie deal makes it slightly easier to swallow. Cutting Foles only saves the team $3 million in cap space and honestly, that’s not enough for me to just show Foles the door. The situation here isn’t great thanks to Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy who traded a fourth-round pick for Foles. The restructured contract was liveable, but not fantastic.

The best thing to do here is to find a trade partner for Nick Foles. The problem is that they weren’t able to move Foles last year and it’s possible that happens again this season. The Bears would have to figure out a way to eat some of his contract because I don’t see a team taking on $8 million in base salary and roster bonuses. However, if they can say split the roster bonus, that would save the team $6 million and only cost a new team $6 million — seems more doable.

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The key here is to determine the true value of Foles and if he should stick around or if the team wants to also add money to a new contract for a new backup quarterback. Technically it would be what the team owes Foles plus the addition of a new contract when truly valuing the situation. Honestly, I think the team might be stuck here unless they punt and go dirt cheap at backup QB.