Chicago Bears: Trying to get the perfect GM and coach combo

Cameron Henderson
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

If you haven’t been paying attention, the Chicago Bears have been keeping their circle small while casting a wide net towards their pursuit of the next general manager and head coach. The Chicago Bears have met with at least one potential GM and head coach from the same team. Many Chicago Bear fans are worried about George McCaskey and Ted Philips messing up and not repeating the past.

Sure they found another advisor to help them search, following the same trends they have in the past. However, the front office has made some changes that I believe to be underrated. The additions to the team for the search are good because they have allowed the front office to search for more candidates. Hiring Matt Nagy might have been Ryan Pace’s biggest mistake.

Trading up in the draft to select Mitch Trubisky was big, but missing on the head coach might have been his undoing. Had Pace been a bit more patient (something he lacks), he might have found Frank Reich or Mike Vrabel. The Chicago Bears front office has done a lot of talking to potential candidates that could be paired with coaches from those selected teams.

Suppose the GM comes from Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, or (a connection with) New England. The Chicago Bears would be wise to keep the “collaboration” between the new GM and coach sharp. That is how a partnership should be established. Two humans who already have a connection with each other is something the Chicago Bears have lacked for some great time.

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I believe the Chicago Bears are doing things correctly despite the expected outcome. I also think that the Chicago Bears will hire a coach with direct tires with the GM of choice. So keep your eyes peeled. The Chicago Bears should have a GM soon; that coach should follow from that team. Unless it’s Rick Smith, that will toss a wrench into things. I also believe Rick Smith is the most qualified. I look forward to seeing what the Chicago Bears have in store for the fans. Will George McCaskey strike out again, or will his luck change?

Currently, my favorite has been changing as I research more of the candidates. Still, I am in full support of Bryon Leftwich, the offensive coordinator from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, getting his first shot in Chicago. However, I like the Steelers Ohmar Kahn for his ability to GM and his background with them president duties.