The Chicago Bears must stay far away from Brian Flores as head coach

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields

Chicago Bears – Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Flores, as of Saturday, seems to be the front runner for the Chicago Bears head coaching vacancy. Flores is currently leading the pack at a +300 favorite (via betonlineag) to be the next Chicago Bears head coach.

Flores was relieved of his duties in Miami after just three years and his firing shocked football fans all around the sport. Although Brian Flores had just a 24-25 record in Miami, he ended his tenure on a 10-6 record in 2020, and a 9-8 record in 2021.

Flores was seen as a favorite for the Bears head coaching job after Chicago was the first team that requested an interview with the former head coach. The thought was that after a rough end with Matt Nagy, Brian Flores would be a great rebound, with his impressive track record in Miami and his reputation of winning.

Is Brian Flores a fit for the Chicago Bears?

In any other given year, the answer would be yes, Brian Flores is a great fit for the Chicago Bears — with his defensive skill set, and his reputation for changing the locker room culture — he would fit into most of the Chicago Bears teams in the past 20 years. However, in 2022 the Bears have a real chance to be special behind quarterback Justin Fields. All of their resources should be devoted to helping Justin Fields hit that ceiling, and hiring a defensive head coach will not help that cause.

By hiring a defensive head coach you are leaving your quarterback subject to constant offensive coordinator changes and mediocre to sub-par playcalling. After seeing a whole year of terrible play-calling from Matt Nagy and Bill Lazor, why would the Bears fall into the trap of leaving your quarterback that you spent so many resources on, out to dry with bad offensive playcalling?

Not only does this apply to all defensive head coaches, but especially Flores because he had four offensive coordinators in three years in Miami. Not a single play-caller or playcalling combo that Flores and the Dolphins tried in Miami lasted more than one year.

This should be a risk that the Bears aren’t even considering taking because Justin Fields’ development should be held higher than everything else in the organization.

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