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Chicago Bears Coaching Candidate: Leslie Frazier, DC – Buffalo Bills

I recently wrote about the coaches the Chicago Bears shouldn’t be wasting their time on. Leslie Frazier is one of those guys on that list. Within my rankings, I created tiers. Frazier was in the bottom tier — all by himself.

Frazier struggled as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Is it possible he’s learned from that experience? There are plenty of examples of retread head coaches doing better the next time around. I just don’t believe that Frazier is going to be that guy.

The Vikings’ offense was never successful while he was captaining the ship, but to make things worse, the defense never performed too well either. The best season he saw was in 2012 when his defense ranked 16th in yards and 14th in points allowed. When we look at defensive DVOA that year, the team was 14th. In 2011, the team finished 23rd in defensive DVOA and in 2013 it finished 24th. Not good when the coach is defensive-minded.

Frazier just can’t cut it as a head coach and should stick to being a defensive coordinator.