Ranking the Chicago Bears head coaching candidates being interviewed

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Chicago Bears Coaching Candidate: Todd Bowles, DC – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Todd Bowles is in a similar boat as Leslie Frazier. He has head coaching experience, but it was not a good outcome. Both Frazier and Bowles struggled at the quarterback position, which as we know can make or break a team, however, this is my biggest problem with coaches from the defensive side of the ball. Unless they are lucky enough to land a good offensive coordinator, then it is more likely than not the team is going to struggle.

As I pointed out in my previous article about coaches who the Bears shouldn’t waste their time on, 10 of the 14 teams in the playoffs all have an offensive-minded coach. Even looking at the teams that got close like the Chargers, Saints and Colts — all have coaches with an offensive background. I am a firm believer of head coaches needing to be more of a CEO type, but there needs to be an overall offensive philosophy. This is where the disconnect comes in with a guy like Todd Bowles.

We will see a coach like Bowles bring in an offensive coordinator (see the Lovie Smith era) and if that OC is not up to snuff, then he will be gone within a year or two. Then Bowles will see another two years with another offensive coordinator as the cycle repeats and Justin Fields’ career looks to be wasted. These are not the situations I want to see the Chicago Bears in right now.