These 4 losses hurt the Chicago Bears most in 2021

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Loss that Hurts No. 2: Week 10, Baltimore Ravens @ Chicago Bears

While this loss might not be first to mind when thinking of losses that hurt, it sticks out to me for a couple of main reasons.

First, going into the game, it seemed like a game that the Bears could truly win. Lamar Jackson was unlikely to play, and at this point in the season, the Chicago Bears weren’t out of it. The NFC Wild Card spots were still wildly available, so a win here would’ve been big towards the Bears’ playoff chances.

Not to mention, a loss to a backup quarterback always hits different, and not in a good way.

With that, however, I don’t think Tyler Huntley is a backup to scoff at; and that was proven not only in this game, but the rest of the season for the Ravens with Lamar Jackson sidelined. Huntley kept the Ravens rather competitive in games they could’ve absolutely lost with a backup of lesser talent than himself.

Huntley finished the 2021 NFL season with a 64.9% completion percentage; 1,081 yards; three touchdowns; and four interceptions. On top of that, he had 47 rushes for 297 yards and two touchdowns.

Against the Bears in Week 10, Huntley had one of his better games, which is just another aspect of the game that makes it hurt.

Tyler Huntley went 26/36 for 219 yards, 0 TDs, and 1 INT, as well as seven rushes for 40 yards.

The part of the loss that hurts the most is the fact that the Bears had a 13-9 lead with 23 seconds left. The defense had an ultimate collapse at the end of the game following a prayer 4th and 11 touchdown from Andy Dalton to Marquise Goodwin to even give the Bears the lead.

Going through that game once again made me realize why it stung so much live. No, the Bears shouldn’t have really been in the game given they scored a touchdown on a 4th and 11 prayer, but the fact that the Bears let the Ravens drive and score a touchdown with less than two minutes left is just so Chicago Bears it hurts.

Alright, let’s move on to the third Chicago Bears loss that hurt more than others.