3 reasons Chicago Bears would be foolish to trade Justin Fields

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After Sports Mockery posted an article pertaining to the possibilities of the Chicago Bears trading Justin Fields, it was clear that Chicago Bears fans wanted nothing to do with those possibilities.

Now, personally, I’m not against seeing Virginia McCaskey strap up the helmet and lace her cleats. However, if this is a this or that conversation, I’ll go with keeping Justin Fields.

All the chaos started once Erik Lambert of Sports Mockery posted an article titled “Justin Fields Might Not Be Safe As The Bears’ Future QB”. And rightfully so. With a title like that, it’s likely that Chicago Bears fans would lose their marbles; and they did.

Would the Chicago Bears really trade Justin Fields after only one season?

Once that article, specifically the headline alone, came across readers’ eyes, it was clear most people had the mindset of: “Yeah, this is clickbait. Move on.

That being said, not everyone agreed that it’s a foolish decision to move on from the first-year quarterback.

In fairness to Erik Lambert, he wasn’t saying, “Justin Fields is 100% getting traded tomorrow.” The quote from George McCaskey that Lambert wrote on was:

"“Justin [Fields] will not be an active part of the search process, but we will be very interested to hear from both General Manager and Head Coach candidates what their plan is to get the most out of the quarterback position for us.”"

The focus of that quote in Lambert’s article was that George McCaskey didn’t specifically say Justin Fields; instead, he chose to say “the quarterback position”. So, when reading into it— and potentially a little too much— it’s not 1000% confirmed that Justin Fields will be what the next general manager and/or head coach will want going forward.

Do I agree with that take completely? No, but I’m also not the one running the Chicago Bears. And in all fairness, the Chicago Bears have done plenty of things in the past that I wouldn’t do, so to say the Bears align with me 100% of the time would be inaccurate.

Now, before I choose violence, I’ll choose to look at this with an incredibly unbiased eye— or at least as close as I can get when breaking down this Justin Fields trade talk. Considering my fandom, it’s easy to see why I’m pro-Justin Fields, but I’ll try to keep the “homer takes” to an absolute minimum.

With that, I personally think there are at least three reasons as to why it would be foolish of the Chicago Bears to trade Justin Fields. What are those three reasons? Well, let’s start with reason number one.