3 reasons Chicago Bears would be foolish to trade Justin Fields

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Reason No. 2: There’s  no clear QB1 in the 2022 NFL Draft

Unlike the 2021 NFL Draft, it’s not certain whether a quarterback will be taken with the first few picks of the 2022 NFL Draft. That’s due to the lack of quarterback prospects with high first-round value.

Guys like Kenny Pickett, Matt Corral, Sam Howell, and Demond Ridder are all up-for-debate, and honestly, I don’t think any of them have a ceiling similar to Justin Fields.

Not only Justin Fields, but I don’t think any of these prospects are going to be as good as Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, or even Trevor Lawrence— even with all of them having less-than-ideal rookie years.

Considering I’ve lived in a mindset similar to the Los Angeles Rams, where instead of using first-round picks to draft players, they’re used in order to trade for proven talent.

Even if the Chicago Bears were to get four first-round picks, none of those picks are guaranteed to be better than what the Chicago Bears already have. Justin Fields, as previously discussed, has shown signs of progression, and those signs are important when evaluating his worth.

Homer take incoming: I think Justin Fields has the highest ceiling from what’s been shown in year one for all the 2021 NFL Draft quarterback prospects. I know I said I’d be as unbiased as possible, and even with my bear goggles off, I think this is a statement that could hold weight.

The biggest issues for Justin Fields are in his ball-handling and his pocket awareness. Both of those are teachable flaws, in my opinion, so having a quarterback that ticks most of the boxes should perk up the ears of any franchise— specifically the one that already has him.

Not only are the quarterback prospects weak this upcoming draft, but just because a player is taken in the first round doesn’t guarantee success.

For example, here are the last four picks the Chicago Bears have made in the first round preceding Justin Fields.

  • 2018; Round 1, pick 8: Roquan Smith
  • 2017; Round 1, pick 2: Mitchell Trubisky
  • 2016; Round 1, pick 9: Leonard Floyd
  • 2015; Round 1, pick 7: Kevin White

Out of those four first-round picks, only one of them is with the Chicago Bears still, and outside Roquan Smith, only one is still a starter in the NFL.

So, when asked if I’d rather have Justin Fields or four gambles, I’ll stick with what’s proven-ish over what’s risky.

Now, the third and final reason.