What can Chicago Bears do with Nick Foles?

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The Chicago Bears new General Manager is going to walk into a room with two different quarterbacks. Andy Dalton will be gone, but Nick Foles will join Justin Fields as the roster is currently constructed.

Among many presents that Ryan Pace is leaving the next GM, Foles is not only around, he has a $10 million cap hit.

It presents an interesting question of what the team will do with Foles. On one hand, they could keep him as a backup. $10 million is a bit high but is not outrageous for a reliable backup, and he was fine in his spot start duty last season.

However, the drawback to that Foles and Justin Fields are different quarterbacks schematically. Foles was signed to run the Matt Nagy offense and we all saw Fields struggle with that version. If a new coach changes the offense, the familiarity Foles brings is out the window, and you would assume that the backup to Fields would be more mobile with a bigger arm.

The Chicago Bears’ next option would be to cut Nick Foles. This may be their least likely path because it only saves them $3 million. At that point, they are on the hook for $7 million to let Foles play somewhere else.

It is certainly possible, but if $7 million is down the drain no matter what, then you may be better off keeping him on the roster and the extra $3 million.

The last thing that the Chicago Bears could look into would be trading Nick Foles. Surely Nick Foles was talking high of himself, but he said that Ryan Pace told him that a few teams called and brought up his name near the deadline.

He said that because of the injury to Fields they wanted to keep him and he was fine with that. Still, if teams call again, the new GM now has time to get his backups in Chicago, and not can ship Foles out.

This would be huge because Pace also was known for moving future picks for current assets. To get back a pick for Foles would help in a big way, but fans have to realize that it will be a conditional pick that most likely turns into a seventh-rounder.

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Still, if they are able to trade Nick Foles the Chicago Bears can move $8 million off of their salary cap. Sure, they would have to pay around $2 million to facilitate the deal, but getting anything back to move $8 million and Nick Foles would be huge win for the Chicago Bears. We will have to wait and see who the new General Manager is to find out of they can pull it off.