3 reasons to trust Chicago Bears hiring process this time

Parker Hurley
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears have finalized half of their big search by landing a General Manager. The next step is a head coach. Admittedly, nobody knows for sure what will happen, and how these hires will work out.

However, one thing we can do is look back at the process and see why these decisions were made. Along the way, there have been plenty of times where you can question the process and know that the results will follow.

However, at the least Bears, fans should be able to admit the process looks better than it has in the past.

3. Chicago Bears cast a wide net

The Chicago Bears did not just interview a couple of people and made a decision. They went out and interviewed every possible candidate that they could. In total, they sent out 15 interview requests, although an interview with Rick Smith did not happen for some reason.

Still, they did a formal interview with 13 candidates in total. Some of the candidates were scouts, some worked in player personnel, some were cap-oriented, and some were even analytics gurus. They talked to young, old, and differing diversities.

Overall, it is hard to say that they made a decision on General Manager while forgetting someone in the mix. The top candidates on mostly everyone’s list were called.