3 reasons to trust Ryan Poles as Chicago Bears General Manager

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1. Working in Scouting and Personnel

Too often you hear that one GM has one specialty or was hired for one area. Then, the team becomes good in that area and struggles with others. That may not be the case with Ryan Poles.

As noted, he has worked with multiple regimes and was promoted every time. He started his career in player personnel but quickly moved into college scouting. He as a scouting director from 2010-17, and then from 2018-2021, he worked back on the player personnel side.

He has seen how multiple regimes have different processes, but also saw how the scouts in college have to work with the scouts on the pro side to create a complete team.

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The resume of Ryan Poles is as strong as any of the other General Manager candidates. He is young and has not had the GM title before, but everything else says that in a decade we could be looking at a name who helped rebuild a franchise.