Names to keep an eye on as the next Chicago Bears offensive coordinator

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The Chicago Bears have hired not only a new general manager but also a new head coach within 48 hours of one another. Ryan Poles was hired to replace Ryan Pace (we already covered how these two are not the same despite some key similarities). Now, Poles has hired Matt Eberflus to replace Matt Nagy. These jokes write themselves as we get Ryan and Matt 2.0.

All jokes aside though, the Chicago Bears will need to find, not only a solid but a great offensive coordinator to work alongside Matt Eberflus. Eberfuls is the defensive-minded coach that I did not want, but I did have him ranked higher than Dan Quinn in my overall rankings of coaches the Bears interviewed. I am going to hold out on bashing the hire too much until we see who he brings in on his staff. I’m not concerned about the defensive side of the ball, but who is running the offense?

There are plenty of names we can connect to the Chicago Bears OC vacancy

When we look at Mike Vrabel’s Tennessee Titans, Matt LaFleur was the offensive coordinator in 2018 before he became the head coach of the Green Bay Packers in 2019. LaFleur is one of Kyle Shanahan’s disciples, but while in Tennessee, the Titans were actually not great on offense. They ranked 25th in yards and 27th in points. No bueno. In his defense, this was before the Titans brought in Ryan Tannehill and it’s pretty obvious Marcus Mariota cannot cut it in the NFL.

When we look at the Buffalo Bills this year, Sean McDermott is a defensive-minded coach aided by head coaching candidate Brian Daboll. Daboll helped turn Josh Allen from horrid to unbelievable. He didn’t have as much success elsewhere but was still my leading head coaching candidate. The Bills offense has ranked in the top five in both yards and points over the last two years.

The point is, that this can work with Matt Eberflus, but we need to see who he brings in as an offensive coordinator. It will also be important for Justin Fields to grow and develop and hopefully, the new OC lasts at least two seasons before going off into the sunset and becoming a head coach himself. Let’s take a look at some of the offensive coordinator options out there for Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles to hire.