The big trap the Chicago Bears could fall into when hiring an OC

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This is piece is going to address the big picture as well as the details of why the choice of the Chicago Bears’ next offensive coordinator has profound implications for the success or failure of their new general manager and head coach. The biggest question in the Chicago Bears big picture is this…

"“Does the executive vision of Ryan Poles and Matt Eberfluss include enough of a wide-angle view of the team and the NFL for them to create a Super Bowl winner?”"

The choice of offensive coordinator by the Chicago Bears’ new management team of Ryan and Matt 2.0 very likely will be the pivotal decision that determines their success or failure. Based on the latest rumors of who the next Bears OC will be, it appears they are headed down a similar path that has led the team to mediocrity and failure.

Does the Chicago Bears’ new front office and coaching staff have what it takes?

The single biggest factor in determining the Bears’ future success or failure is a very human one. Of course, for the Bears to succeed, Ryan and Matt 2.0 need to exhibit the qualities of penetrating intelligence and strong leadership. Based on feedback from former colleagues and their former bosses these two have all the important traits. However, what I am uncertain of is whether these two men possess enough of the third most important trait needed in order for them to succeed —courage.

The type of courage needed here is exemplified in the historical figure Richard the Lionhearted. In the super high-pressure world of professional sports, this level of courage is a bottom line that needs to be combined with a high degree of intelligence in order to make the best possible decisions when making their most important decisions. This is especially true when attempting to turn around a long history of failure.