Chicago Bears fans seem very irritated about the Jim Harbaugh situation

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It appears that the Chicago Bears fan base is split when it comes to the Jim Harbaugh situation. Some want to move on from the idea that Harbaugh isn’t the new head coach of the Bears, but might soon be the next Vikings coach instead. They want to embrace the new head coach, Matt Eberflus, and not fuss about the semantics of the hiring process led by George McCaskey and Bill Polian.

Even the local media seems to be focused on the fact that it seems foolish for the Chicago Bears to have not held a formal interview with Jim Harbaugh. This is being viewed as negativity by many fans on social media, and some are even swearing off listening to local radio or reading local news outlets. The divide seems to be getting to the point that it may not be able to be discussed at the family dinner table like politics, religion or vaccines.

Did the Chicago Bears make a mistake not interviewing Jim Harbaugh?

Luckily for me, this isn’t my family dinner table. If you are not wanting to hear my thoughts on the situation, I suggest you get up from the table, clear your plate, and head into the other room, because I am here to tell you that the Chicago Bears made a mistake. I am also here to tell you, that just because I believe they made a mistake, doesn’t mean that their decision won’t work.

First and foremost, I have made it clear that I wanted the Chicago Bears to choose someone with an offensive background. I am also on record that I didn’t want the next head coach to call plays. I at least got half of what I wanted with Matt Eberflus. He is not going to call any plays — offensively or defensively. More on this later, but first let’s look at why ignoring the Jim Harbaugh situation is a mistake. Then we will look at how the regime they did choose could work.