5 Senior Bowl WRs Chicago Bears must watch

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If there is one position that the Chicago Bears have an obvious need at, it would be wide receiver. With that in mind, this will be a position that has everyone’s full attention as the team hits the Senior Bowl this week.

Considering how thin the team is you can expect them to hit the position in the draft and in free agency. with that in mind, they could be looking hard at these Senior Bowl wideouts with a very real chance of drafting one of these names. Who are the five biggest standouts at the event?

5. Christian Watson, North Dakota State

This is going to be a big week for Christian Watson coming from an FCS school, and now jumping into competing against the big dogs. Watson may be from a smaller school but this is a big prospect, as he came into the Senior Bowl at 6’4″. 211 pounds.

For that size, it is really impressive how well this athlete can move. He is not your prototypical big wideout because you will see him going in motion and taking a jet sweep or a screen near the line of scrimmage. Lastly, he is a kick returner, which you do not see at that size.

Despite his size and speed, there are going to be questions to answer, mainly the level of competition. He is fast enough to fly by teams, but usually is schemed open and does not separate with crisp routes. There are also questions of his contested catch ability and that will only grow against the bigger Senior Bowl names. Chicago Bears fans will want to keep an eye on him.