Ryan Poles highlights Chicago Bears new team building philosophy

Parker Hurley
Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears new General Manager Ryan Poles hit the media tour this week to explain who he is, and what his process will be to fans. While fans are hoping for a quick turnaround, and Poles said he expects to compete right away, he also expressed a desire for patience.

When it comes to how he wants to build a team, Poles said he would rather build through the draft, and be much more selective in free agency. Here is what he said in his opening statement to his first press conference.

"“We’re gonna build through the draft. We’re gonna acquire young, fast, and physical football players. We’re going to be selective in free agency, and we’re going to connect evaluation with valuation. We’re gonna have a relentless approach to fix our weaknesses. We’re gonna maintain great self-awareness of who we are. We’re gonna solve problems with open communication and candor, and we’re gonna consistently put players in a position to succeed.”"

This is good to know, and a bit of an opposite mindset from Ryan Pace. Pace built through the draft and had a great ability to find gems late. However, he would handicap how many picks he had by trading them away.

He would trade up, trade for veterans, and trade future picks to get into current drafts. This does not sound like a plan that Poles will continue in Chicago.

In fact, Poles was asked about his limited resources due to Pace, and he mentioned that they have to make the most of what they have.

Poles did not shy away from saying that they may use those spots on the draft board to turn a pick into multiple picks. Trading up was the Pace specialty, but you may see Poles trade back, especially in this draft with limited resources.

Beyond that, Poles says that he will be selective in free agency. That does not mean blowing money on Jimmy Graham and overpaying Danny Trevathan. At least, hopefully, that is what that means.

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Overspending and not being selective in free agency combined with not having enough draft picks killed Ryan Pace. Ryan Poles came in and immediately noted that he wants to do the opposite and collect picks while being hesitant in free agency.

At the very worst, the opposite of Ryan Pace cannot be a bad thing, right?