These 6 Chicago Bears should be announced as season-long Captains

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Something that never truly made sense to me was the Chicago Bears having weekly captains instead of captains they put in place for the entire season.

The idea of weekly captains just seems like something a high school football team would do. Not only that, but this roster has bonafide leaders already, so it’s not like the team has to do hard work to learn who these captains are.

These are the players who the Chicago Bears should make captains

I could see this move being smart for a team that’s learning their identity or who their leaders are, but with the current Chicago Bears’ roster, the captains shouldn’t be something that changes weekly.

The Bears absolutely need to go back to naming their captains for the entire season, that way the Bears can start building a roster of guys that believe their leaders week-in and week-out.

No offense to these guys, but having a long-snapper as a team captain just doesn’t make sense when you have a potential franchise quarterback, as well as countless players that seem to have a grasp of the locker room when the coaches don’t.

Prior to the naming of Matt Eberflus as the new head coach of the Chicago Bears, the thought of bringing back the “C” was a hot topic. While it’s potentially a silly thing to care about, stuff like that matters.

When a player gets that “C”, it means more than a patch on their jersey — it somewhat gives them the keys to the franchise to mold it as they see fit. Considering these patches deserve to go to the leaders of the team, I’m all for them being what shapes the team outside of the coaching staff.

In all honesty, it’s not crazy to think that some players prefer to play for their captains rather than a head coach they might not get along with completely.

The captain’s patch also adds a layer of accountability. The coaches of the team might not see everything, but with a captain that calls it as they see it, some of the discipline issues that the Chicago Bears portrayed under Nagy and prior coaches could be nipped by players themselves.

With all that said, who should be the six captains of the Chicago Bears for the 2022 NFL season?