Chicago Bears 2022 Free Agency Sign or Pass: Davante Adams

Parker Hurley
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The Chicago Bears will start up their roster-building process with Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus leading the charge for the first time. This will start with free agency in about a month. The Bears do not have the most money of all teams, but they have plenty of holes and can do some maneuvering to bring in a couple of big-name free agents. Would Davante Adams be someone the Chicago Bears have an interest in?

Projecting Davante Adams contract with Chicago Bears

Davante Adams has said that he thinks he can get $30M per year. That may be ambitious, but he also may not be far off. Using both PFF, and Spotrac we got two projected contracts from two of the better services at it.

One anticipates a four-year deal at $23.25M, the other expects five years, at $25.87M per year. That includes roughly $60M guaranteed. Would the Bears be willing to give $23-$26M to one player?

Chicago Bears should sign Davante Adams

There is the obvious connection, aside from the Bears stealing a Packers player. Of course, we are talking about Luke Getsy. Getsy was hired by Mike McCarthy, but when Matt LeFleur was hired, Adams and Aaron Rodgers told LeFleur that they had to bring back Getsy.

Getsy was a wide receivers coach, and Adams talks him up as one of the huge reasons why he broke out after a slow start to his career. Adams may not be able to follow Rodgers to where he goes, but if the Bears over a big enough deal, and he gets to play with Luke Getsy again, why would he not?

Beyond that, I do not need to explain that he is the best wide receiver in the NFL or at least right in the talks. Adding him takes all of the attention away from Darnell Mooney and creates a huge ripple effect in that room. It also gives Justin Fields a serious safety blanket.

Chicago Bears should not sign Davante Adams

The first question is whether or not Adams would want to come to Chicago. This is not your typical free agent, as he will get to choose from a long list of teams. He has a great report with Rodgers, and there is a question about whether he would want to risk joining a young unproven quarterback to end his career. If he cannot play with Rodgers he may go to a trusted veteran.

On the Chicago Bears side, the money is not going to be easy either. This is the drawback of letting Ryan Pace dip into the future with contract restructures. Guys like Jimmy Graham, Eddie Goldman, Danny Trevathan, and Andy Dalton will have dead money and likely will not be on the roster.

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The Bears have too many needs to add just one wideout with all of that money. That money could get them three legitimate players, or even more depth. It is not as easy it appears.