5 teams likely to sign Allen Robinson away from Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
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The Chicago Bears are likely to be moving on from Allen Robinson after the two sides could never come together on an agreement. It ends an unfortunate time after a great start with the team. However, Bears fans will have to follow where he goes because his landing spot, and how much money he gets will help impact the compensatory formula for draft picks.

With that in mind, who are some teams that may be looking to sign Allen Robinson?

5. New England Patriots

Allen Robinson has a feel of the type of player that Bill Belichick would want. A year or two ago, the Patriots would likely have had to pay more for Robinson and he would have been more in demand. Now, it feels more like a team swinging on a cheaper name that could be closer to his downside.

However, the value of Robinson matches what the Patriots expect from their wide-outs. The reason Robinson never got paid like an elite wide receiver is that is not a burner with speed and does not win the contested pass with strength. However, his route running and timing have always made him valued.

He has not found the right quarterback yet, and while Mac Jones is not a gunslinger, that does not fit the style of Robinson anyways. He fits with Mac Jones because of the timing and route-running and the possibility that he is a direct fit in the offense. With a cheaper quarterback the Patriots can still afford to go out and get Robinson, so do not be surprised if they do.