3 underrated free agents the Chicago Bears can pursue from Super Bowl

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Sunday afternoon, while the entire football world is watching two well-deserved teams take the league’s biggest stage, fans of 30 other teams will be wondering just how their organizations can get to this point next season. For the Chicago Bears, the future begins now.

The team brought in new general manager Ryan Poles from a highly-successful background with the Kansas City Chiefs, and if anyone knows what success in today’s NFL looks like, it’s Poles.

Poles, along with new head coach Matt Eberflus, have quite the road ahead of them this offseason. Only five draft picks in hand could lead Poles to try and acquire additional capital.

But, the Bears are projected to have the 11th-most cap space right now, which could make for an active free agency period for Poles. Why not target a few players from Super Bowl LVI with that money?

Super Bowl LVI features a star-studded cast, but it also includes a few underrated free agents that will be nice targets for the Chicago Bears

If the Bears were looking strictly at these two teams in terms of their impending free agents, Poles could find some real, strong signings. But, looking beyond the top-tier names, he could also choose to spend a bit more frugally on a handful of guys from this matchup.

Chicago has a lot of holes to fill, whether it’s in their secondary, offensive line, wide receiver, or finding new bodies to fit the 4-3 defensive scheme Eberflus is switching to.

Poles will have a lot of areas to fix — and some may require more of a bandaid, or deeper thinking rather than simply looking at the top names. Here are a few underrated names from this year’s Super Bowl that the Bears could target, without breaking the bank.